Welcome to Fantasyland

Ah, naptime. As all parents know, it’s that magical time of the day where productivity is your oyster, depending on your definition of productivity. Folding laundry, doing dishes, catching up on DVR’d episodes of Franklin & Bash – these are all fantastic uses of time when the little ones are taking their much-needed sabbaticals from the day.

While the first two items on the previous list should probably be my priority, this stay-at-home dad opts for a different path. Come July, my naptime becomes crunch time, as I endlessly participate in mock drafts, make and revise lists, and scour the Internet for any sliver of information that will put me over the top for the coming season.

That’s right. I’m talking about fantasy football.

According to a 2011 article in Adweek, more than 27 million people play fantasy football. Roughly, that’s equivalent to every man, woman, and child in Saudi Arabia sitting around on Sunday tracking stats for their rosters (How’s that for a visual?). If you are reading this right now, you surely have some shred of interest in it, or at least know someone who does. Entering my eighth season of managing a fake pigskin team, I have seen it grow in popularity among my family and friends, to the point where even my wife is in two leagues. (And yes, we play against each other, with leads to some palpable tension in the house when those match-ups are afoot.)

Needless to say, fantasy takes on a life of its own during football season, and I need an outlet for some of the knowledge and opinions I have gathered over the years.

So why does that make what I have to say about it matter?

Well, it doesn’t. But it certainly gives me something to do while my daughter is counting sheep mid-afternoon. And I figure, if even 0.00001% if the fantasy football-playing population reads my words, then that is 270 people. I’ll take that.

So sit back and enjoy. If you are so inclined, subscribe to the blog and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be posting on here regularly with weekly picks, waiver wire advice, and other general observations about fake sports. I’ll keep it light, and you might learn something. Or, you might take my advice, lose, and hate me for it.

Either way, it’ll be fun.

Go football!


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