Public Service Announcement: Smokin’ Jay Cutler taking the Internet by storm

Found at, Smokin’ Jay Cutler is amusing for even those who could care less about football.

If you’re anything like me, you take a sick sort of pleasure in watching Jay Cutler play. The notoriously streaky Chicago Bears quarterback can in one moment be brilliant, eluding the pass rush and firing a strike down the middle of the field in traffic, and in the next be throwing a tantrum equal to those of my 18-month-old daughter.

It’s this petulant attitude that has garnered the ire of a new website, Smokin’ Jay Cutler. A compilation of photos “dedicated to the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports,” the premise behind the Tumblr site is simple: find a picture of Cutler looking lackadaisical, or otherwise foolish, and Photoshop a cigarette in his mouth to make him look even more nonchalant.

Updated almost every day now, it is truly worth a bookmark, especially for owners who get burned by Cutler’s seemingly unending parade of interceptions. The best part of this site, though, is that it is entertaining even if you don’t like football. My personal favorite, a nod to our old grade school photos, can be found here.



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